Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mileage and How it Changes

Jay asked me the other day if I would still work out as much as I do now after the wedding. The answer: ABSOLUTELY!!
His question, though, got me thinking about my personal workout habits. After the marathon last October, and prior to my crazy race schedule this spring, I assumed I would continue to run long distances. I love running long distances, but I also learned that I love long distance running because of the time it allowed Jay and I to spend together without any distractions (i.e. cell phones). Now that spring is almost behind us, I realize that while I love running, I am very content (and shall I say happy) with my current workout routine which includes mostly group fitness.
Prior to the marathon, I went to gym classes once, maybe twice a week. Now, I go to class 4 times a week and feel even stronger than I ever did running long distances. While I miss the time Jay and I spend together running, I love the community feeling of group fitness. The morning group is the same 20-30 people and we all know (and are interested) in what is going on in each others lives. This sense of community makes me want to get out of bed at 5:30 and head to the gym. My evening classes are also a lot of fun and I enjoy the instructor. I never thought I would say I love cycle class, but I truly do! And I look forward to going to it at the end of my work day twice a week.

As I mentioned after Jay and my last 10 miler, I am glad we have a break this fall. I am happy attending my gym classes and occasionally getting out there for a 3 to 7 mile run. I am also glad I am not devoting my weekends to longer runs and have time for things like hiking.

Do I think Jay and/or I will never run a long distance race again? No! I know he really wants to run the Disney Coast to Coast (which is actually 2 races) and I want to join him. I just don't think we will run such a long distance in 2012.
But, bring on the fun 5k and 10ks!!

How has your workout routine changed?