About Me

I am a 20-something looking to achieve a more balanced and well rounded lifestyle. I have always been a very motivated person and have found goals to be the perfect vehicle to achieve all my hopes a dreams.

Me and the man of my dreams.
I grew up playing sports almost every season. In high school I dabbled in track, but pretty much focused on my passion of the moment, art. I did not fall in love with running until I started training with my friends who played on the field hockey team the summer before senior year. Since then I have been hooked!

I began my college career at Boston University, but was miserable!!! I learned a lot at BU about myself and took the most beneficial nutrition and cooking class. After one year, I surprised my friends and family and made a BIG decision and transfered to the University of South Carolina. Thankfully, I thrived as a gamecock. I learned a lot about myself and accomplished a lot. Plus, began running again.

In the midst of my junior year, a door opened and I enrolled in an accelerated Bachelors/Masters program. I started to take more challenging classes and became an RA (or PC in Preston terms).  My role as a RA was perfect! I love goal setting, I love motivating others, I love to-do and pro-con lists and I even love sticker charts (not just for toilet training anymore).

During graduate school, I continued to work and live in the dorm (a lot of fun, but crazy at the same time), researched in my desired field, was the President for a student organization and sat on a search committee. When it was all said and done I was ready for the real world!

Now, I am more than a year out of grad school and have a full time job in the field I researched in grad school. Yes, I know I am very lucky! But, even with a job that directly correlated with my schooling, I realized there was more to life. Since graduation, I try to find balance by eating healthy, running, hiking, yoga, knitting, traveling, reading and constantly exploring.

Follow me, as I work to achieve goals and live a balanced lifestyle.

Feel free to e-mail me at goingongoals@gmail.com with questions!