Monday, May 23, 2011

A Deal that is NOT a Deal

I love Groupon, Living social and all the discount websites out there, but it comes a point where a deal is not a deal if you never intended to buy it.

While I buy my fair share of deals/coupons, I only buy ones I intend on using. I even set a date in our calendar to use the deal. There is nothing worse than being caught in the deal dilemma with too many coupons to use. What a waste of money if you never actually use the deal!

90% of the time, Jay and I frequent the place we buy the deal for. If we are already using the product, or love the restaurant than why wouldn’t we take advantage of a good deal?!?!?


While we tend do buy deals to places you would normally frequent, we also buy the occasional Groupon or Living social deal to try a new restaurant for date night (and put it on our calendar). Or, we buy deals to attractions we have on our list of things to do in DC, like the Newseum.

instant deal

On days that I plan to go out with friends, I always check out the Instant Deals through Living social. Just this weekend, I scored a $25 for $40 deal to Joe Theismann’s where we planned to watch the Preakness. After tip, tax and a few drinks, we only saved about $8, but that is $8 more than if we hadn’t found the deal. Plus, we already planned to meet at Theismann’s!

The other really great things about Living social’s instant deals is if you do not redeem them within the designated window, they reimburse you!!



This week, we also scored a deal through Daily Candy for $6 tickets to Bridesmaids. I loved this movie. LOVED. I am so glad Lauren suggested the movie for our meet-up on Sunday. And, while it was nice to save the money on the movies, I would have been fine paying full price. This is another great example of a date we had previously planned, but scored a sweet deal but from a new source Daily Candy (no pun intended).



For those of you who would like to partake in $6 movie tickets to Bridesmaids, go visit Daily Candy now. This deal is available until Monday, May 30, so go get it!!

Lastly, I will leave you with my brother, Jim’s, movie review of Bridesmaids. I agree with some of his points about the movie. Parts of it did drag on and some characters were way over-exaggerated, but I laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Have you seen Bridesmaids? What did you think?

Do you have a Groupon, Living social, Daily Candy policy? What other sites have you found great deal through?