Bucket List

In an early January 2011 post, I talk about my Bucket List from High School. Since High School I have accomplished a lot and grown in a direction I would never have imagined. We all grow and change, below you will find my current Bucket List (that is updated on a regular basis and guaranteed to change).
  • Graduate High School (May 2004)
  • Drive across the Country
  • Graduate College (May 2008) picture below: College Graduation May 2008 and Grad School Graduation May 2009

  • Go Snowboarding (learned Winter 04-05)
  • Visit 5 Continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America) No need to include North America and I'm going to be realistic and assume that Antarctica is out of the question.
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail
  • Swim with a Dolphin
  • Fall in Love (since 2006) wedding details

  • Own a house
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Visit Australia
  • Read the Chronicles of Narnia Series (5 down, 2 to go!!)
  • Visit Vegas
  • See the Northern Lights
  • more to come...
What is on your Bucket List?