Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Details and a Bar Shower

Jay made the comment to me last night that he was surprised I haven’t posted a lot about the wedding this week (or last). We were really busy last weekend as we finished all the details and attended our last shower.

IMG_1464IMG_1465 blurred

Friday night we started the weekend by taping place cards to Benne Wafers. Benne Wafers are unique to the Low Country since Colonial times, Benne (the Bantu-word for sesame) was brought from East Africa and planted extensively throughout the South. For more on the history, visit Old Colony Bakery’s website.


Saturday, my mom and I packed up all our decorations and labeled them for the venue. One of our little touches are postcard table numbers. Each postcard is of a place Jay and I visited together.


Then we were off to our bar shower, so graciously hosted by my aunts.


We had a lot of fun catching up with local friends and family that we do not get to see enough!!


And of course, a picture of the spread! The food was great and my aunts served several things Jay and I both love (like Sushi and Deviled Eggs, yum!). My cousin also made us the cutest mini cup cakes with a little “S&J” in our wedding colors on fondant. They were very impressive, I just wish I had snapped a picture!

That’s it for now. 11 days!