Friday, April 8, 2011

Better than a Digital Camera - An Engagement Story

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday!


I woke up to a message on my mirror and breakfast served by Jay. I went to work, had birthday cake and went to a work happy hour.

The rest of the day was completely different from what I ever imagined. I thought we were going to the Lincoln Memorial for Jay to give me my new digital camera. I thought we were going to Matchbox for dinner. And, I thought we were meeting my DC girl friends at Rocket Bar at 9 for drinks in dresses. Only one of those things actually happened like I thought it was.

After my work happy hour, Jay and I get off the metro at Arlington Cemetery and walk to the Lincoln Memorial. We sit on the steps to open my present which was unusually light.


Inside is a note saying “Will you marry me?”.and I turn to look at him and he has a ring. Needless to say I was surprised!


Then I start asking the how did you pull this off and my best friends come running out from behind the Lincoln.


Jay flew in my best friends from college Charlotte and Brianna, had my friend Val come down from Baltimore and flew in his best friend William.

Then we all went out to dinner at Founding Farmer’s and out to the Rocket Bar to party.


I may not be blogging a lot this weekend because I am hanging out with the besties. I will be back Sunday or Monday, so I will leave you with a few pictures of my ring.