Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sprained Sunday

As I mentioned in last night's post, yesterday was a hectic anniversary.

Friday evening, our roommate's (Mary) boyfriend (Travis) hurt himself rock climbing. He went to the doctor at school and came over as planned. Saturday morning, he woke up and felt awful, so Mary took him to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, my foot had been hurting for a good week. Originally, we thought I had plantar fasciitis because we had just completed a 8.5 mile run. But, it never got better and I was feeling pain on the lateral (outside) side of my foot. With Travis in the emergency room, Jay suggested we go to and just find out what was wrong. Our fear was that I had a stress fracture and that running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler was out of the question. Ok, the possibility of not running a race only frightened me.

After only about an hour and a half in the emergency room (we were helped right away!!), I learned I had a mild sprain. Sprains are caused by an incident, which was why we had never even considered this as the problem.

Last Sunday, I went to brunch with my parents. I was wearing my favorite pair of shoes (brown Danskos). I often slide in them and tend to walk on the outside of my foot causing my ankle to slightly twist, but it has never hurt. I think I remember doing this last Sunday, but never thought twice about it. Why would I? It has never hurt before.

After walking on it for a week, it only got worse rather than better. And, the only reason we figured out how it happened was because I wore another pair of Danskos to the emergency room. I thought they were the best thing for my feet. The doctor explained that Danskos are one of the easiest shoes to sprain your ankle in because they have no ankle support.

I was sent home with an ankle wrap and instructions to stay off of it, ice, Advil and no running for a week!!! Jay wants you all to know that declined the crutches... Upset, but glad it isn't worse, I am hoping to go on a short run next weekend. I know I got away lucky!

What running injuries have you endured?

Unfortunately, I also had major IT Band issues this fall. It always has to be something huh?