Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cookies Day 4

Since I just got to Baltimore and have a packed schedule this evening (seeing the current Narnia Movie - Have you seen it? What did you think?), I thought I would share the final Christmas Cookie I baked this Holiday Season. Don't worry, I did not make these while I was sick... These cookies have actually been gone a while.

The last Christmas Cookie Post and another recipe from Taste of Home. You can find the recipe for the Buttery Spritz Cookies here.

These cookies remind me of my grandparents. I am not exactly sure why... maybe because we had them at their house on Christmas morning? These cookies bring back foggy childhood memories. Fact or Fiction, I associate these cookies with my late grandfather PopPop.

Are there certain cookies that remind you of someone special?

I do not have a cookie press, so I rolled out the dough and used cookie cutters. It worked pretty well. I would suggest if you use the cookie cutter method that you roll out the dough pretty think.

Regardless they were pretty tasty!!

Have you made cookies using a cookie press? How did they turn out?