Monday, February 7, 2011

Who could not like being kissed by a Gilmore girl?

Monday, Monday, Monday!

I made it threw work, with minimal walking and lots of foot propping on my computer tower (that is what they are for... right?). Now I have my leg propped up with some ice and Gilmore Girls on in the background.

I managed to put on a cute outfit, even if I was wearing tennis shoes.

At least they provided ample ankle support.

Tonight, being Monday, Jay, Mary and I will be going over to our friend's house for Monday night dinner. With a weekend filled with pajama pants, I felt the need to put on something a little more cute. Luckily, My skinny jeans fit over my brace.

and under (or inside) my faux-uggs.

Creating this cute outfit, or at the least I felt cute in it, which was the point!

Today, Tina @ Carrots 'N' Cake posted about "A Weighty Issue". I really related with this post because I find as a runner, I often make excuses to eat excess amounts of sweets just because I went running. But, the bottom-line is to maintain you should eat the amount of calories you use. This week has also been a good learning experience in the junk food arena (aka sweets arena). With the sudden decrease in activity, I have had to actually watch what I am eating. Thankfully, the chocolate from Santa is gone (mom- feel free to send me a valentine's day package, j/k... sort of). And, surprisingly, my appetite has evened out. As I mentioned in this post, I eat several snacks and what I don't show you is my ice cream and chocolate habit...

So far, I was very good today. I stuck to my healthy snacks and lunch. I only ate when I was hungry. And, I demonstrated lots of self control by passing up all the goodies in the kitchen (there were even those sugar cookies with creamy icing on top!). I just hope I can keep it up until I am back to working out 100%.

As for my workout plan. The past few days I have been following R.I.C.E (Rest.Ice.Compression.Elevation). Wednesday and Friday, I hope to ride the stationary bike (which is what the doctor recommended) and Saturday or Sunday I am going to go on a short 3 mile run (also doctor recommended).

Next week I a hoping to get back into BodyPump and maybe Yoga and back to running the following weekend (no more than 5 miles). Unfortunately, this little injury has taken a toll on my mileage, but again I am just thankful it isn't worse. It made me feel a lot better that the doctor said it should only be a week to 2 week ordeal. But, he did caution that the chance of re-spraining your ankle is high the first 6 weeks after the injury. This means, I get to wear a lovely brace for a while. Nice. At least it isn't as big as the one above.

This also means I can slowly increase mileage again (as long as there are no problems). And, should be more than ready to tackle the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler.

Sorry Danskos, but you ain't being worn for a long while!