Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Magnolia Lane


My golf readers should recognize this picture of Magnolia Lane. Chances are, your boyfriend will, or will at least know that Magnolia Lane is located on the exclusive grounds of Augusta National.

In April 2008, I had the honor to be on the grounds of Augusta National for 7 days to work in the Masters Golf Tournament in the Mercedes-Benz Hospitality Suite.


My classroom was transformed over night from school tables to buffet tables. And, even though I had to miss an entire week of classes, worked over 100 hours, was more tired then I ever thought possible,  it was worth it 100%. I have never worked under such a positive and well known management team in my life. My supervisor never raised his voice once the entire week! Needless to say, working the Masters was a very positive experience.


Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to return the following spring, but something must have rubbed off on my brother who is working his third Masters Tournament this week. Have a great week Joe!

In honor of Masters week, I had to make something southern, fattening and delicious. And what screams the south and the masters more than Pimento Cheese?


Let me introduce you to Rachael Ray’s Pimento Mac and Cheese, the most luscious, flavorful mac and cheese I have had in a long while.


And well worth every bite.