Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Part II: April Grocery Challenge

Yesterday, I introduced y’all to Jay's and my Grocery Challenge. As I mentioned in this post, we got a little out of hand in March spending over $500 in groceries.

I knew we had to crack down, but how?


1. Take Inventory: I love a good deal! Time and time again, I will stock up on frozen foods or can goods and let them sit on the shelf for months at a time. This week, before shopping I looked at our inventory and planned out meals to included ingredients we already had.


2. Make a List (and check it twice): I always go to the store with a list and meals planned out for the week. This week I made sure I brought coupons with me that I was planning to use instead of coupons that are about to expire. Notice the Turkey Bacon coupon that I found in my grocery bag when I got home :(

3. Read the newspaper: Yes, I said read the newspaper for grocery store deals! This week I knew we needed frozen vegetables, so I already knew I was going to Giant. To make sure I was making the smart decision I checked out the weekly circulars that come with our weekend paper. Decision confirmed! Not only were frozen veggies on sale, but canned beans were too! Plus, Giant had coupons in the circular for $3 off and two double couponing credits. I instantly saved $5 just by opening up the weekend paper.


4. Pay attention: Besides coupons, the easiest way to save money at the grocery store are in-store deals. Jay and I have started buying seasonal produce, not because we have a strong opinion about it but because seasonal produce is WAAAY cheaper. We always buy fruit for our lunches, so you better believe we picked up fresh berries because they were buy-one-get-one-free. The same went for the frozen vegetables, I picked up each bag for $1. For my yogurt, I bought it on sale with coupon (that was doubled) and saved myself $1.54.


5. Buy store-brand: I feel like this is key. Unless the name-brand is healthier, I have a coupon that makes name-brand cheaper or it’s toilet paper, I buy store-brand products. Trust me, for most items you, your friend/spouse/child will never know!! and you will save a lot of money. Need proof? Look at the image above where I compare Giant brand Mexican Blend Cheese to Kraft and Sargento. Yes, I really did go online to do that for y’all!

6. Go Green!: I know it is only 5 cents, but it adds up! Use your reusable bags!!

Well, I think that is all for this week. $60.90 later and $23.43 is not shabby, if I may say so. Now I just need y’all to keep me accountable! Only $239.10 left for the month!

How do you save money at the grocery store?