Saturday, June 9, 2012

June Goals!

When did it become June?!?! Is it really only 10 days away to the wedding?

Last month, I only set a few goals because I knew things would get hectic. I have been out of town the last two weekends and Jay and I are heading to the beach for a Fiance-moon this weekend. I can't wait to get on the beach and relax!!
But before I get there, I want to give you a run down of my goals and accomplishments in the month of May.
Books: Finish The Poisonwood Bible

Complete!! It may have taken me 2 months but I got through The Poisonwood Bible and enjoyed it! I also read and finished Pictures of You in May. I am back on a book reading roll!

I have already finished one book in June and am well on my way to finishing another. So I don't jinx my current roll, my goals will be 3 books for the month of June.
Running: Go on one long run a week

This did not happen... I managed two 6+ mile runs in May and ran every weekend, just not very far.

For June, I would like to complete one run a week, but have no mileage goals.

Gym Classes: Attend 10 gym classes

Success!! I attended 15 classes in May!

In June, I want to continue attending class at least twice a week, but four times a week is preferred.

My Core: Keep track and work my abs 16 days

Yikes!! I definitely did more abs, but I have yet to come up with a good tracking system.

I think I am going to let this one go. I have yet to track ab work, but know I get it at least twice a week at my gym classes.


In June I want to blog more! The past two months I have fallen behind on blogging, sometimes going days without a post. I have been busy and spent a lot of weekends away, so in the broad scheme of things I am glad I have continued to post here on occasion. This month, I want to get back in the habit of documenting my life with at least 4 posts a week.

My last goal is to enjoy my wedding day! Obviously, this isn't something I can measure other than my mood. At this point, we have done everything we can do to make the day run as smoothly as possible. Boxes are packed and labeled, the i's and dotted and the t's are crossed, time-lines are printed and now we're just waiting. While aspects of wedding planning are definitely a bit stressful, I am so glad we had our week of stress two weeks prior to the wedding. It has made this week (and hopefully) next all about anticipation. Plus experience in the wedding industry in college has taught me that I can plan all I want, something WILL go wrong and that many of the guests (and maybe even I) will never even know.

I know we're ready! so bring on the guests!

What are your June goals?