Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Taste of the South 2011

I wasn’t lying when I said the Bird was from an event.

lauren and bird

Lauren and her bird will finally be reunited this weekend. I am sure you were all worried.

While the bird was entertaining, he was not the focus of the event. According to the Taste of the South website:

Taste of the South was founded in 1982 in a dual desire to bring some "southern hospitality" to Washington, D.C., and establish a fundraiser for needy charities.

As well as a much needed Girls Night Out!


Some of my favorite moments of the evening included posing by the Florida booth. My friend Lauren served on the Florida Committee, one of her many responsibilities on the committee was providing decorations for her booth, hence the bird.

This photo also resulted in a nice friendship with a older gentleman from Georgia. He actually was involved with the original Taste of the South in 1982!! He also was kind enough to skip the line at his booth to retrieve the sought after food. Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly what that was, but I believe it was some sort of fried fish ball and potato pancakes.

stars over the suwannee

A few of my favorite moments can be attributed to the Open Bar. As you can tell Alisa had fun!!

Blue Moon Alissa

Haha, yes she had fun, but she is also holding everyone’s drinks! We were all very excited to see they were serving Blue Moon, my favorite beer!

the capital

Lastly our fabulous night ended with a kiss for our host under the Capitol Dome.

Have you attended a black tie formal recently? Why did you attend, the cause, the company, etc?