Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Venue 2: The Historic Savage Mill

Originally, I had no intention of documenting Jay and my wedding planning adventures on this blog. After a week or two of engagement, I realized that I was finding the best advice on other people’s blogs. How could I not share with my readers my trials, tribulations and joys of the experience?

While wedding planning can be fun, exciting and stressful, I know I will want to look back after the BIG day and relive the planning experience.

As a way to balance life, I plan to post about my wedding planning adventures every Wednesday, making Wednesday, Wedding Wednesday until the BIG day. That means for all you wedding planning lovers, I am guaranteeing you at least 56 posts of wedding bliss.

I hope you enjoy this new series as much as I do!! And as always please feel free to comment about your own wedding planning experience or dreams. I truly appreciate the advice and take it all to heart.

You may wonder why I am posting about venue 2 prior to venue 1. In actuality I did post about venue 1, The Cloisters where my parents got married, last Wednesday.

Our second venue visit was to the Great Room at the Historic Savage Mill.


As it was the weekend before Easter, the coordinator was out of town. She was nice enough to encourage us to go visit the Mill in her absence with instructions on how to enter the Great Room.


The actual room was in line with my venue requirements, an open, mostly white, clean looking venue. The room capacity was right on for our anticipated 175 guests and the dance floor was nicely situated in the middle. Plus, there was a tented deck off the side of the room for cocktail hour or the ceremony.


Despite the initial conclusion that this venue was a contender, we did find some faults.


We did not like that there was no direct entrance into the Great Room. The most prominent entrance leads you directly to Rams Head Tavern (where we had a great lunch).


Or, you had to walk through the Antiques Center. My mom and I love antique shops, but did not love the idea of walking through one to my wedding.

The other jewel we found was this eye sore.


I honestly did not notice this lovely sight on our visit, but found it on Jay’s camera as I was writing this post. The one redeeming quality (in the groom’s eyes) were these statues outside.


Needless to say, we knew this venue was not the one for us!

What were some of the criteria when you looked at wedding venues?