Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

We did it! We ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this morning and have hopefully PRed. It was close, so I am waiting for our official time. I also finished the race with minimal IT band and knee pain. It was funny because at mile 8 my right knee had some pity pain for my left knee (which is the one I normally have issues with). I am just thankful that we finished, ran the entire thing and finished un-injured! A true accomplishment.


Besides a successful run, I was very impressed with the race organization. First, the location was fantastic. The metro was crowded both before and after the race, but moved extremely well. It helps when participants have almost 10 metro stations to choose from. Plus, who doesn’t want to run along the gorgeous cherry blossoms. They were beautiful, even if they were a couple days past peak.


This race was also the most eco-friendly I have ever participated in. They recycled EVERYTHING from D-tag timers, to banana peels, to water bottles and plastic bag-drop bags. It was really nice to see a race that cared soo much!


And finally, what makes a great race is the company! Per usual, Jay and I stayed together during the race, but it is always nice to meet-up with friends before and after.


After the race, Jay and I refueled with Vegetable Marsala Burger from Trader Joe’s on Pita Bread with Pine Nut Hummus, Mozzarella Cheese and Lettuce.


And, of course there was room for dessert. Two Tagalongs please!

What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookies?