Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to Leap Month

Ahh it’s leap year. Anyone else see that horrible movie? Amy Adams, you can do soo much better!! Anyway, as we say good-bye to January, it’s time to see how I did with my January goals.

image(source – and in my mind a great review of the books)

Books: Read 6 books

I was soo close. I read five books this month, including Can You Keep a Secret?, The Hunger Games Trilogy (review to be posted this month) and The Art of Racing in the Rain (review to be posted after book club, but written mostly before). Plus, I am also 70 percent of the way through A Practical Wedding and 30 percent of the way through The Magician’s Elephant.

Crafts: Finish my Index Card Journal.

Yikes! I am still stuck in May!! But, I am also working on one for my mom, so in that case I have about a year done. I go home President’s day weekend, so my goal is to finish this project by then.

Running: complete 3 training runs

Success!! I completed 3 training runs and am all geared up for 9 miles this weekend!!

February will be much of the same, but a little different. For starters, I am actually setting goals at the beginning of the month instead of half way through ;) February is also the month where I travel for work for a week. As many of you know, staying on track while traveling is HARD. You will notice some of my February goals will be scaled back.

Crafts: Finish my Index Card Journal by President’s Day

Books: Read 4 books. I basically have one of them down :)

Running: complete 4 training runs

Gym Classes: Attend 10 gym classes and really push it at my classes

My Core: My abdomen is easily my “trouble” area. This month I want to do ab work 18 days and be able to hold my planks for 60 seconds. Thanks Mindy for having similar goals for me to copy ;)

Sweets: Consume only one sweet a day. Mindy is also challenging herself with Junk Food Free February. There are not many things I indulge in besides sweets and I want to work on controlling that this month.

Recipes: Create one recipe for the blog.

What are your goals for February?