Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Spring Day in February

If you hadn’t heard, it was gorgeous today in DC. So gorgeous that I rode Capital Bikeshare to the grocery store.


One hour later and $45 cheaper I returned with a huge bounty. It felt great to get that chore out of the way.

Once the groceries were away, I made a healthy meal of roasted mushrooms, spinach, garbanzo beans and ride. It was truly delicious!


Besides enjoying the spring day, I also had some time to think about my blog reading habit. As an avid blog reader, I am very bi-polar. I will love one blogger for a month or two, literally I can't wait for them to post. Then the same blog will annoy me for about a month of two and their posts will go unread. Before I know it, our worlds will wondrously collide as we have a lot in common and I am again blog stalking. I consider these phases part of my internet life. Just like you have good friends as a child, don't see or hear from them for years and then your in the city and bff’s again(come on we all know that has happened to each and every one of you).

I guess the point is, what is the point in being a consistent blogger?

Is it for a consistent readership, sadly, it is for me sometimes.

Is it because I actually have something to tell y'all daily... obviously not.. I won't provide links, but I am sure y'all could find a good share of my posts that say absolutely nothing.

Is it because you are truly interested in my daily workout, food and life? Guess what I woke up today, worked out, ate, went to work, ate, read some blogs, ate, did some work etc. until I went to bed. Thrilling right?

Lately, I have been thinking about this cozy little spot I have made for myself. I love it!! I have spent almost 2 years creating it! I vow to try and remain positive (because we all know you aren't interested in me complaining) but I also vow not to post unless I want to post. Believe it or not, some of those mindless posts are the best ones I've written. And you better believe I enjoy looking back and reading about how my life has grown, developed and changed.

So here is so keeping it real and posting for the shear pleasure of maintaining my little space in the blog world. Because we all know you have to vacuum occasionally ;)


Bloggers: How often do you post? Do you feel obligated to post on a consistent schedule?


Readers: Do you have a preferred quantity of posts you prefer to read from bloggers? Yes, it can depend on the blog. Tell me!