Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Current Diet


Tonight I mixed up a bit by making a Chipotle Burrito instead of the usual bowl. I was really proud that the burrito even stayed together to the very end.


Now on to a semi-related topic, my current diet. I get this question all the time: "Are you a vegetarian?"

Short answer: No

Long Answer: I don't typically prepare meat at home anymore. But, I make exceptions. In particular I don't mind preparing sausages (aka chicken sausage) and you better believe I drink milk, cook with chicken broth and bake with butter. The main reason I don't prepare much meat at home is it is expensive and takes longer to prepare. Plus, I find reducing my meat consumption makes me feel better.

Before Jay, Mary and I headed down to Charleston for Thanksgiving, Jay's sister asked if we were vegetarians. Jay's response was 80 percent of the time. We laugh about it now, but Jay's sister understandably had no idea what he meant. Once we arrived and explained to her that we eat meat, but prefer not to prepare it, meal planning became a lot easier.

What I did notice from this trip is how much my plate varied from my carnivore counterparts. As a gross generalization I noticed I filled my plate up with far more vegetables than the others or than I would have several years earlier. This brings me to my second point about my diet. By reducing meat consumption, I have broaden my personal horizon to more variety of fruits, veggies and beans (which are cheap as all get out).

So, smarty pants, what do you consider yourself? A Flexitarian.

And yes, for all my HLS friends, I totally stole that from our guest speaker. But, overall I fit classically into her description of an Expert Flexitarian (i.e. 5 meatless days per week). Granted when I eat meat I usually go all out, hello Shake Shack this weekend or when my mom serves me venison, I'll eat it (actually I prefer game to other types of meat).


Embarrassing that I spelled first wrong. Oops!! I’ll blame it on auto-correct ;)

The only problem with this classification is people don't understand it. But that's not the point, it doesn’t matter if OTHER people understand. The point is that I have chosen to eat primarily a plant based diet when I prepare my food. I am also an adult who can make her own decisions on when she wants to eat meat.

I find diet to be a very personalized thing. I am more than happy to explain to others what I eat and why if they ask.


Do you or how do you classify your diet?