Friday, February 3, 2012

Three Things Friday

For today, just a few things to note.

First, one of my friends posted the following on Facebook today. It’s an interesting social experiment the Washington Post did in 2007. The really short version of the experiment is they had a professional violinist play in the DC metro and watched how few people stopped. A great read and very interesting, but the post below completely lost credibility with the picture of the NYC subway system. Am I the only one who that annoys?


Secondly, I love quesadillas but I am very bad at making them. Thanks to my photography skills (haha) you can’t tell in the picture below. But trust me, I’m bad at it!! I have an awful time flipping my quesadilla’s without them completely falling apart!!! Quesadilla advice welcome!!


Finally, Ruffled published a wedding pie post. Seeing how one brides budget visually looked, I knew I had to turn my excel spreadsheet into art. I have to say seeing my budget in pie form was kind of refreshing. Granted I had to semi guestimated some areas because our venue covers A LOT (aka food, day of coordinator, food, alcohol, rental, ceremony space, cake… I think that’s it). Overall, I am feeling really good about our budget :)

wedding expenses_thumb[5]

Have a great weekend!!!