Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gamecock LOVE

Here is my ode to Gamecock Football!!

My first game!!! I was very lucky (and smart) to get involved in anything and everything when I transfered to South Carolina. Here I am with a group of girls that were great my first semester at USC. Thank you ladies for being there and inviting me to dinners and football games! I am sooo sad we grew apart.

Ok, not a football game, but definitely a needed Gamecock picture. Me and Cocky (our mascot)!

The family at parents weekend. Yes, little brother went to USC too!

Cocky's parents!!! Sorry, I love that Cocky's parents are at the Parents Weekend Game and that his girlfriend? wife? comes to Homecoming with him.

The girls on staff at the residence hall!! Miss you girls!!

The student section and field. No ode is complete without it!

Tailgating!!!! My grad school year was by far our best tailgating year. We had (and still have) a tent, table and chairs.

Me and my boy! Gamecocks forever!

Do you follow college football and which team do you follow?