Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogger Meet-up and Shopping in DuPont


I finally made it to a blogger meet-up!! I feel like the past couple months, something has always come up or I already have plans and have not been able to attend.

Tonight’s meet-up was organized Jess and held at Tasti D Lite. It was fun to see everyone again. I haven’t seen many bloggers since The Healthy Living Summit this summer. Tasti D Lite was also amazing. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Overall a great meet-up!!

After indulging in ice cream, I meet-up with Monica for some shopping near DuPont. Monica’s new years resolution is to be more fashion conscious. She got stuck in the rut of all natural colored clothes and still wearing things from college. I know I have been in that same boat!! I only recently started caring more about what I wear.

So we went in search of some color!! Monica left with a cute purple sweater. Hopefully we will have another shopping date soon to spruce up her wardrobe at my beloved Nordstrom Rack.

I meanwhile demonstrated great self control. I tried on the dress below at the LOFT.


The dress was so cute, but they only had petite sizes. Unfortunately, I am way too talk to wear a petite dress. I also stopped myself from buying some more bangles. They were a great deal though!!! only $13 for about 12 bangles… but they were so like the set I already have. Maybe next time!! when I haven’t already blown through my clothing budget. Eeks!

How is your wardrobe doing? Are you in need of a spruce up?


And how do you budget for new clothes?