Monday, January 23, 2012

My Busy Baltimore Weekend

I can’t believe how busy I have been lately!! Tonight just seem to fly by even though I spent the evening at home!! Must be all those weekends away and entertaining guests ;)

Let’s rewind to last Thursday for a semi quick life update. For some reason I got really into hair braiding. Below are my two latest hairstyles.


The one of the right I found on Mary’s Pinterest. I think my hair is either too thick or not long enough :( I still liked the hairstyle though.

Thursday was an interesting day to say the least. I got an iPhone that took 24 hours to port, met my high school friend Melissa for Happy Hour and ran into one of my old residents on the metro. All great things, but all so surreal (minus seeing Melissa, which was awesome and should happen more often).

Friday, I slept in because it was my day off and went running. I thought I only added one mile to a regular route rounding out my scheduled 7 miles. Later I found out that I actually ran 8 miles. I am so glad the run felt great, but I guess adding extra mileage accidently always feels good. I just hope the rest of training goes as smoothly.

After my run, I headed to Baltimore to catch up with a friend and hang out with the family. Now I may not prepare meat at home, but I don’t mind eating it when someone else prepares it for me. Friday my mom made us Venison Loin. It was delicious!! I ate way too much of it!!


Believe it or not, this was also my first meal ever in front of the TV at my parents house. It’s amazing how much parents change when they become empty nesters!!

Saturday was a BIG day. My mom and I met with a florist and then headed to Val’s bridal shower. Her shower was a lot of fun!! It was so funny to see all her gifts wrapped in Bed, Bath & Beyond paper aka her wedding colors. Crazy huh?!?!


Her shower was only my second shower EVER. I was a little worried as the maid of honor. Thankfully, her sister-in-law is an amazing crafter and shower thrower. I am so thankful she is on top of her game. Plus, she has a 3 month old baby, this woman is seriously super-woman. That evening, a few of the bridesmaids and I hung out. We had so much fun! It makes me miss Baltimore girls nights so much!

Sunday started out so bright but ended on a sour note. I started the day with another florist consultation with my mom. I promise I will give a run down of our meetings either this week or next. All of them seem great, but which one do we connect with… a little teaser for you ;)

After our consultation, I had the opportunity to catch up with my high school friend Tracey. We have gone years with only meeting up on Christmas Eve, so it was so nice to see her not on a holiday. Hopefully, we can start meeting up a little more frequently.

Then the day started going down hill. As y’all know the Ravens lost to the Pats. While it is devastating, it was nice to see a good and close game. While it’s sad, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game with my dad, brother and his friends. There is always next year!

Ok, I think that brings us to TODAY!!! Yay!! Hopefully, I will be back tomorrow with something a little more substantial that has some take-away-points ;).