Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Holidays in Pictures (w/ a few words)

My holiday weekend started on Friday night when my Mom and I visited with Christine from Fleur de lis Florist. She really impressed us, granted neither of us know much about flowers. Plus, she sent us home with a beautiful bouquet that had the same feel as my wedding.


After hanging out with Val most of the day, we headed to Theresa’s for dinner. She made lasagna, it was delicious!!! We also had a great time catching up, it make me wish we all live closer.


The next day (Christmas Eve), Mom and I went to see New Years Eve. The movie was cute, but worth waiting for it to come out on DVD. Regardless we had fun. Prior to the movie we stopped by Caribou for a cup of coffee.

Our table had various animal footprints on it, including the Snowshoe Hare footprint. My family went on a trip to Newfoundland about 15 years ago, when my Mom accidently ran over a Snowshoe Hare. She was very upset about it at the time, but now it’s a running joke.


After a delicious seafood dish my mom made, the family headed to the Miller’s for their annual Christmas Eve party. But first we posed for a picture in front of the tree.


My mom decided to start buying trendy clothes. As a result I needed a picture. I have to say she looks pretty good.


Then of course came Christmas morning, which included lots of presents, eggs benedict and mimosa's.

Happy Holidays!!!!