Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Round-Up

Before we get to the wedding planning catch-up, I have to tell you about the adventure I had today.

I finally tried Capital Bike Share and LOVED it! (Thanks Mary!!) I decided to be adventurous by taking the bus from work to Target and then Bike Shared home. I am so glad I did it. Yes it probably took a little longer than driving, but my method was better for the environment and for me. Win, WIN!


Another win, all the wedding stuff I finished this week! Since one of my bridesmaids is addressing all of my invitations, I had to bite the bullet and order wedding invitations.

I knew this task would be daunting because my mom and I have such different taste in wedding invitations. I was pleasantly surprised when we were both able to happily agree on a design.


We choose Wedding Paper Divas because of a recommendation from of MOH Val. She had recently ordered her invitations, so I was able to see hers first hand. Ok, she pretty much talked them up and convinced me to do it. Then my mom fell in love with this design (see why Val was my vacation buddy for so many years).

Even though I originally did not want to order response cards, we got those too. I wanted to be economically and environmentally friendly as possible, but realized that our guests understand response cards (not e-mails). Therefore in order to save my stress level, we went with matching response cards.

Because we spent a little more than anticipated on invitations (and response cards) then I budgeted, I ordered more economical Thank You cards from Vista Print.

thank you(source)

I really like the Thank You’s simplicity and I was able to order some with our married name and plain ones for the showers. Better yet, I already have Forever wedding stamps. Take that USPS and your 1 cent increase.


Speaking of a Sixpence, I also ordered a 1941 sixpence. Jay and I are getting married on my Mimi and PopPop’s anniversary, so in order to honor my other set of grandparents I am using my Oma’s cake topper and a sixpence from their wedding year.

How did you honor your family at your wedding (or how would you)?