Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Recap


I got home from work, had a quick healthy snack and got to work on my last monthly recap of 2011!!! Ok, ok I know the month isn't exactly over, but since I am heading to Florida tomorrow, in my mind the month is over. Plus my To-Do list is about outgrow my post-it-note…


So how did I do in December? This month I cut back my goals and focused on an overlying goal to not get sick. This meant that I made sure I got a decent amount of sleep, ate the right things and worked out regularly. Check, check and check.

Specifically, I wanted to...

BodyPump: Attend 4 classes and increase weights by 2.5 lbs.

Success!! I attended BodyPump each week this month and successfully increased my weight by 2.5 lbs. for every muscle group (except biceps). I love feeling my muscles because it means I got a GREAT workout. Today my legs are really sore!! probably because I increased my total squat weight by 5 lbs. on each side.


Yoga: Practice at least 10 minutes 20 days this month

??? I honestly can't tell you how well I did because I didn't track it (oops). I definitely spent more time stretching this month, but practicing 10 minutes of yoga a day would be far fetched.


Shopping: Finish that 1 last holiday Knitting project

FAIL! I never finished my last holiday project. Oops!! Sadly, I have been meaning to finish this knitting project for 2 years now. And the end result is so simple. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and finish it for her birthday?


Running: at least a long run of 6 miles each week

Almost success. I went on four 6 plus mile runs this month. So, on average I ran 6 miles at least once a week, but in reality two of my long runs were 2 days a part. Plus, I am struggling to get long runs during the week on weeks I travel. Bottom line, the sun needs to get up earlier!!! I think next week I am going to bite the bullet and get in 6 miles with Jay before sunrise.

Stay tuned early next week for my January goals. I think I may shake it up with some different goals!!

*please note most pictures are random and were taken this month.