Friday, December 30, 2011

My 2011 Resolutions


What happened to 2011?!?! I feel like every year I get older, the years go by faster.

Last year I made a few resolutions which I thought I would recap (appropriate for New Years Eve Eve, no?).


1. "I am going to continue to work toward eating healthy REAL foods 90% of the time again in 2011."

Success!!! This year Jay and I truly turned a corner when it came to eat REAL foods.


2. "I want to continue to attend Yoga class twice a week. And, if for some reason class is cancelled, like this morning..., I will do a little 35 minute Yoga routine at home."

FAIL!! Other fitness goals completely overshadowed Yoga this past year. Due to marathon training I did amp up the time stretching at home but I failed to attend as many Yoga classes.


3. "My goal is to incorporate weights 3 days a week."

Success!!! Ok, this is actually a FAIL because I did not incorporate weights 3 days a week, only 1 to 2 times a week, But, I consider it a success because BodyPump has taught me how much I love weight training. For the first 1/2 of the year I religiously attended 2 classes a week. Once I started attending morning classes, I only attended 1 class a week. Now I have also thrown in High Intensity Training which includes some weights as well. Overall, I may not have completed this goal by the book (or blog, hehe) but I incorporated a new type of training into my routine.


4. "I would really like to run a Marathon once in my life time. For some reason I feel like 2011 will be my year. As of right now, Jay and I are planning on running the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon. This may change, but this is the goal!"

SUCCESS!!! Jay and I both completed our first marathon on October 30, 2011, the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. :)


5. "I am currently (and want to continue) contributing 5% to my 401K and would like to start contributing an additional 5% to my Roth IRA (which I opened in 2010). That makes an even 10% goal in retirement savings for 2011."

FAILish. I opened a Roth IRA in October 2010 and never touched it... I also failed to touch my 401K until my work decided to switch investment firms. Due to the switch and receiving my cost of living increase I bumped up my contribution to 6%. I may not have made much headway in the world of retirement savings, but I am young and am consciously working on it.


6. "Additionally, I want to continue to save at least $500 a month and one of my extra paychecks. Why $500? It is an easy number for me to remember and transfer every month."

FAIL!!! While I continue to save, I have not saved as much. I blame it on Jay, my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Actually, I know for a fact that that is exactly where the money went. If I weren't getting married in 2012, I would have easily attained this goal. But life happens and I do in fact want to get married, so there goes my goal.

So how far was I? Only an average of $150 per month off and part of an extra paycheck (the other part bought my wedding dress). Not too shabby! Not as great as 2010, and probably far better than 2012. Regardless, saving goals are great but we all got to live life a little.

Which of your New Years Resolutions did you accomplish?


Are any of your 2011 resolutions making it back on the list in 2012?