Thursday, November 17, 2011

Favorite TV Shows

Everyone has their favorite TV shows. I have already confessed my love for Glee, but before Glee there were others.


Ha, it almost sounds like I am talking about boys! Not that TV shows are anything like relationships, but I don’t know about you, I sometimes get way too involved in the plot line of the TV shows I watch.

I also have very fond memories of watching TV shows growing up. I would look forward to the next episode of a show all week in High School. After dinner and once we were all done our homework, my parents, brothers and I would often cuddle around the TV and watch our favorite shows. We had a few favorites, including my ultimate favorite Gilmore Girls.


While we typically love shows about BIG families, this show really resonated with us for many reasons. My Dad and older brother loved all the movie and music references, Emily Gilmore reminded us all of my grandmother and my Mom and I loved the mother daughter relationship.

Years later, I still love this show. I almost own the entire series.

Another favorite, that I basically forgot about until Jay and I saw the first season at Bed, Bath and Beyond, is American Dreams.


I have been hooked! I think one of the main reasons my entire family loved American Dreams is everyone related to the show in some manor. At the time the show debuted, I was the same age as the main character Meg. My parents both grew-up in the 60s and related to the time period.

Plus, you can’t beat the music. Even the other day Jay walked in the room to see Usher as Marvin Gaye. I think he was a little thrown off by it, thinking this show was just another one for the chicks.


The last show that I have recently fallen in love with is Brothers & Sisters. I watched it on and off in college and even though I wasn’t home I know my dad watched it to. I actually started watching it because my Dad liked it so much. Because I came into the show in the third season, it has been fun watching the series from the beginning.

What are your favorite shows and why?