Monday, November 21, 2011

Little Ocean Hideaway


Look where I was this past weekend, hiding away at the beach to celebrate my DC girls birthdays! Both Lauren and Courtney have late November birthdays, so it was only appropriate to take a little trip.

We all took the day off Friday to do some Christmas shopping at the outlets. I am officially done my Christmas shopping!! Plus I got a few cute work pieces and essentials.


It made the most sense to go outlet shopping on the way to my grandparents condo, so we didn’t arrive until close to 9 p.m. We were all quite surprised to see all the high-rises decorated for the holidays. I have to say I liked our building the best ;)


Once we all got settled it was time to crack open the champagne and watch some chick flicks. That is when Courtney noticed my grandmother’s cat statue. I am not sure why it was next to the TV, but it was quite funny to see their reaction.

After a while it was time for some games. Go fish and jello shots seemed like a good idea. Believe it or not I actually won BOTH games by a landslide out of pure luck!!


The next day we just relaxed, ate, talked and watched more chick flicks.


I am quite proud of our food choices this weekend. We definitely had our indulgent moments, but also balanced it out with a few healthier home-made meals.


But before we knew it, our weekend of chick flicks and relaxation was over :(


At least I feel rejuvenated and ready for Thanksgiving!

Happy Birthday Lauren and Courtney!