Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skinny Mac N Cheese and Photography

Tomorrow is my work’s annual Thanksgiving lunch. My work provides the Turkey and all my coworkers make the side dishes. It is truly a feast.

The first year I worked there, I made my Mom’s Sauerkraut and last year I made Roasted Root Veggies. This year I knew I needed to do something different. Since my work is sponsoring a weight watchers group, I decided to make Mary’s (or Cooking Light) Light Mac N Cheese.


Since Mac N Cheese is a dish Jay and his family traditionally have at Thanksgiving, I thought I would share some of my new family traditions with the group, only the lighter version ;)

I love about this dish, it makes enough for me to take to work and have for dinner. Plus it is super filling!! I am a Happy Chef tonight!

While dinner (and lunch) was in the oven, I played with my newish digital camera. I call it newish since I have had it for about 4 months but have never found the time to play with all the settings until tonight.


An subject was Crumble-Top Pumpkin Muffins. Since we are moving soon, I have made an extra effort to clean out the pantry. Sadly, I had a can of Libby’s Easy Pumpkin Pie mix that I bought last year and was about to expire (eek). Thankfully, the label provided me with a great easy recipe.

But enough about muffins! I finally played with all the settings and found the one that I liked the best for the muffin (above). I feel like I learned a lot in just 15 minutes. I am so glad I finally took the time to play around!


It is amazing how much all the settings look so different. Even though I feel more comfortable, I still feel like I have a lot to learn about my camera and a whole world to learn about digital photography.


Besides my time in the kitchen, I also wanted to take a minute to talk about last night’s Glee. I loved how Glee has gone back to its roots and has started incorporating more music into its episodes. This, in my opinion, is a big improvement from the beginning of the season.

Second, I am glad Glee has stayed with its anti-bullying attitude. I loved the dodge ball scene and how the writes flowed that into Kurt’s stance on anti-bullying.

Lastly, I am very very interested where the writers are taking the Santana storyline. I think its about to get a bit more interesting.

How did you feel about last night’s Glee?


How/Does your work celebrate Thanksgiving?