Thursday, June 16, 2011

Breaking Away from Normal

With all the wedding planning and marathon training, I have not had as much time to play in the kitchen. This does not mean I have not been cooking, it simply means we have been relying on our staple meals.

We have been eating a lot of Stir-frys...


And pasta with veggies and sausage (and usually cheese)...


A few veggie burgers...


And a lot more Thai inspired food than normal...


As we continue to tie-up wedding vendor loose ends, I hope to start blogging more about food! I have received quite a few cook books over the past year that I am dying to review for y'all. Plus, my new Crock Pot is itching to get off the top shelf. 

This weekend is another crazy one as Jay and I try to cram way too much into roughly 60 hours. Hang in there and get excited for what's coming!!


What are your favorite go-to recipes? How do you mix-up your dinner routine?