Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Inspiration through Blogs

As I started to tackle the subject of Wedding Blogs last week I suddenly realized how complex this topic is. I mean, can you imagine writing a post about your favorite healthy living bloggers?!?!? That is how coming up with this post felt like, with so many to choose, how do I limit it to my favorites? I mean there is even a site called the Top 100 Wedding Blogs!!

So how did I limit this post to my favorites? Simple, I perused my Google reader and picked the ones that I had “starred” the most. I only star posts that I want to refer to later. If I star a healthy living post it is usually because I want to make that recipe. If I star a wedding blog post it is because something stood out that I want to replicate on my big day!


The Ritzy Bee Blog is the blog for Ritzy Bee Events. It is written by Maria and Kelly about how to craft a unique wedding experience. I have found myself starring several of their posts to make my wedding uniquely my own. My favorite example so far is one about lemonade at summer weddings. An added bonus about this blog is it is local, located right near me, in DC.


As a practical person myself, I quickly fell in love with A Practical Wedding. Meg started this blog in 2009 when planning her own wedding, but realized that a lot of women had some great grounded advice. I think my favorite section on her site are the Wedding Graduates. Plus it’s not all about planning your wedding. It has some great marriage advice too! (be forewarned: the previous link goes to a topic of sensitive nature)


Snippet & Ink is all about daily wedding inspiration. One of my favorite parts of this blog are the “Inspiration Boards”. One of my bridesmaids is all about creating her own “Inspiration Boards” to figure out what she does and does not like. This exercise has really helped me figure out where I want to go with my own wedding. One of my favorite Inspiration Boards on Snippet & Ink is Board #529: Pretty Preppy Stripes.


Style Me Pretty is another favorite. Like Snippet & Ink, I use this blog mainly for inspiration. One of my favorite posts is from their section “Little Black Book” dedicated to the best wedding vendors. The brides colors are very similar to mine and has helped me figure out the look I want for my wedding. This website also has a plethora of “Inspiration Boards” and “Local Weddings”. Too bad the local weddings are only for four states and destination weddings… but they still provide some great ideas.


The final blog that I will highlight is The Budget Savvy Bride written by Jessica. Jessica also started her blog as she was planning her wedding back in May 2009. My favorite section on this site are the Wedding Budgets. Weddings are broken down by cost from $1k to $20k and up. It is amazing to see what these brides are able to do with their money! You can also search by location!

Don’t forget to check back at last week’s post for my take on The Knot, Wedding Bee and Wedding Wire. These three sites are a mine of information!! Also, check out my Wedding page! I have included all my previous wedding related posts as well as my wedding blog feed, healthy living blogger’s weddings and friends weddings.

 What is your favorite wedding blog? When you planned your wedding which resources did you rely on most?