Friday, June 17, 2011

A Few Things Friday

My newest wedding obsession is paper flowers. Who can beat place cards, favors and centerpieces all in one? Plus I have exactly one year to make all 150 of them... Let's hope mom likes the idea ;)

Carolina Alumni Softball is way more fun than kickball. It doesn't matter that I can't catch a ball in the outfield or that I am not the best batter. BUT I am slowly getting better.

I moved up my bicep weight during BodyPump Wednesday morning. Yes, I have go to BodyPump at 6 a.m. once a week, three weeks and counting!!

Jay and I have not skipped a training run yet!!! But after his first week at clinic, we may need to rearrange our during-the-week running schedule. Let's just say Thursday was real rough after 5 hours of sleep. This girl needs at least 8!

And, I have spent waaay too much time playing Solitaire this week... And yes, I play the Vegas version.
What happened in your life this week? How much sleep do you like to get a night?