Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tres-Awesome Tuesday

Sorry about my photo glitch yesterday!!! Don't forget to go back to yesterday's post and check out the pictures.

Today was almost a typical Tuesday, but better for the following reasons.

Tuesday Morning Yoga.

Getting out of the shower and finding my breakfast waiting for me.

My roommate conquering her fear of organizing Tupperware... well taking steps in the right direction to conquer it.

A four.three mile pre-snow run!

And the most amazing Tres-Amazing-ness

Do you notice anything about this Trader Joe's label?

It's in Spanish!!!!

And this one is in Italian!!! You can thank my roommate for pointing this out to me!

I may... or may not, have looked at all the Trader Joe's labels in our kitchen... Still tres-awesome!!!

Did you ever notice that Trader Joe's labels change depending on the foods nationality?