Monday, January 24, 2011

Taco Monday

There is a new tradition in this household! Monday nights have become dinner night!

Both Jay and Mary attend Physical Therapy school at GWU. There entire class has the same schedule. This semester, Mondays just happen to be their long (or I guess I should say late) day. They could have class until 7:00 p.m.

As a result, a group of them decided to have dinner together every Monday evening, because really who would want to study after 10 hours of class? Thankfully significant others and roommates are invited too!

While, at first, I was not thrilled with the idea. I do attend BodyPump every Monday evening. I now find myself looking forward to the occasion. Plus, it works well for me, when BodyPump ends at 6:30 p.m., I simply hop on the metro (or walk across the street) and find myself enjoying dinner with friends.

Tonight, the downtown location hosted a Taco Evening. I was pretty excited, I love Mexican. So excited in fact, that I will be enjoying more Mexican Tuesday and Friday!! Maybe I should move to Mexico?
Oh, and let's not forget about dessert!!

Do you eat dinner with friends on a regular basis? How do you decide who hosts?

A group of eight of us eat dinner together every Monday. The duty of Host rotates between the three apartments. Last Monday (prior to MLK) our apartment hosted. We baked frozen Lasagna and made a Salad.