Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Newseum and a Fast One

Today, Jay, Mary, Travis and I went the the Newseum to redeem our Groupons.

Mary and I can't remember what we bought the tickets for, but whatever it was, it was definitely less than $21.95!!! We all enjoyed our visit but agreed that it was not worth $21.95. I think this is another great example of how DC Tourists need to do their research before visiting the city! But, then again, this is one of the few DC museums that does cost money!

Some of my favorite exhibits included the Berlin Wall because my mom lived in West Germany during the 1960's.

You can tell which side of the wall faced East versus West based on its color. The cement wall that faced the East was painted white so that the citizens who tried to escape at night could be seen. The side of the wall that faced West were graffiti-ed in protest. To graffiti, the artists had to defy both East and West Police, as the wall was on East Germany soil.

Another favorite was the 911 exhibit. Did you know only one journalist was killed in 911, and he was a photographer. The eerie part was that when they found his digital camera, they could retrieve his photos. Can you imagine seeing what your loved one saw moments before their death?

There was a great visiting exhibit on "The King".

A powerful exhibit on how the press portrayed Hurricane Katrina.

Did you know that two local newspapers covered the hurricane? One never stopped printing and provided the only news available to the region. Reporters were often put in the situation to save lives before reporting the news!

The Newseum even covered stories that hit too close to home.

The museum also provided a great view of the Capitol.
And great architecture!

And, an interactive flair!

When we arrived home, Jay and went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few items for this week. Thankfully, due to our big shop last weekend, this trip was quick, inexpensive and fruitful. While we didn't need the necessities, we spent less and picked up a few fun items for nights when we just don't feel like cooking!

One of my favorites being TJ's Meatless Meatballs. A favorite in my family once my older brother decided to be a vegetarian. I pulled a fast one on Jay by buying them, preparing them and then not informing him of the meals true ingredients until after he consumed them.

Thankfully, he was pleasantly surprised! He even admitted that he couldn't tell!!! I think we found a new meat-less staple!!

Have you ever pulled a fast one on your significant other? How did it turn out for you?

Oh, and THANK YOU to my photographer of the DAY Jay!