Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not so Vegetarian Chili Sheperd's Pie

What is Sarah cooking in the kitchen without a mishap? A miracle.

Um, I don't think i told y'all, but I definitely slipped while de-pitting and avocado and cut myself last night. At least this time it was with a sharp knife, it honestly did not hurt and my cuts are already sealing naturally! Let this be a reminder to always use a sharp knife, be careful and pay attention when using a sharp knife in the kitchen!!

Tonight, I attempted to make a meatless version of Rachael Ray's Turkey Chili Shepard's Pie.

Unfortunately, something got in my way!

Yes, the baked beans. I have had this can of baked beans for a while and knew I had found the perfect thing to use it in when Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats Tweeted about her Chicken Chili. I didn't even think about checking the label until I began cooking!! Yes, this can of beans was made with BACON, so not vegetarian. At least the can is gone and the dinner was delicious!

I followed Rachael's instructions, found here, but 1/2ed and substituted ingredients. Here are the ingredients I used.

For the Chili:
1 can Baked Beans
1 can Kidney Beams
1/4 of a Red and Green Pepper
1/2 a Yellow Onion
1 clove of Garlic
1/2 cup of Tomato Paste
TT Cinnamon
Generous TT Chili Powder
TT Cayenne Pepper

TT = to taste

For the Sweet Potato Topping:
I followed Rachael's instructions, but left out the orange zest and used sour cream instead of creme fraiche (um what is that?).

Also, I decided to try a tip that I learned this week from my friend Lauren. Did you know that if you whip your Mashed Sweet Potatoes, the mixer will take out a lot of the strings?!?!?!

Thanks for the tip Lauren!

Once the dish was assembled, I threw it under the Broiler for a few minutes.

This is the only spot I felt that Rachael left me hanging, she left me no timing instructions. I set the timer for 1 min 30 sec and checked on it. At 1 min 30 sec it look OK, but not done, so I flipped the dish ad set the timer for another 1 min 30 sec. Um, I wish I had only set the timer for 45 seconds. Still tasted great, presentation? Not so great!

But, it tasted great!!!

This recipe has definitely been added to our usual routine!

What kitchen mishap have you had recently? How did you turn that mishap around?