Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow, BodyPump, Tofu and Training

Hello the first major DC Snowstorm of the season!!!

I have a mild obsession with snowstorms. I act like a school aged child, except that I don't care if I have off tomorrow or not. I have been wearing snowman underwear for the past few days, putting my PJ's on inside out and backwards and throwing ice around the apartment. Ok, I didn't really throw ice around the apartment, but I considered it.

The picture above was taken by Jay at 5:15 p.m., it is now just past 8:00 p.m. and there is about quadruple that amount of snow on the ground!!!!

Meanwhile, I was at BodyPump for the new release. Oh, is it hard!!! I am glad that they have incorporated more body strength training (aka push-ups). Tonight, as you can imagine with the snow, class was empty. This class easily draws close to 40 people (the room is packed). Tonight there was a modest 12. But, it was a fun 12. The female:male ratio was pretty much even!!! I know, that never happens at my gym! A bunch of the guys from the weight floor decided that tonight was the night to try BodyPump, and boy were they in for a surprise. Our instructors (both show up for releases) encouraged them to drop weight, but of course they had to prove themselves. Trust me, they got a work out. I think they now think all us women are crazy!!! I hope they all come back next week.

For dinner, we tried something new, Tofu Asian Stir-Fry!

I think I have become a Tofu fanatic! I loved it. I now feel the challenge to make it even better, even crispier (it was not crispy tonight). So, be prepared meat-lovers, Going on Goals maybe a little more meat-less.

Upon, my friend Lauren's instructions, I drained my Extra Firm Cubed Tofu last night (while obsessing about Trader Joe's labels) and doused with Teriyaki Sauce. Iowa Girl Eats also has a great Tofu 101 explanation.

Tonight, I tossed the marinated Tofu into a frying pan and pan seared. After a few minutes, I added some onion.

Once I felt the Tofu was cooked properly I added some froze Peas, Mixed Pepper Strips and Green Beans. I then added some more Teriyaki Sauce (because there is no such thing as too much?).

And served it over 7 minute rice. Yum!

We garnished our meal with Pineapple Salsa (notice Trader Joe's not Jose's... why aren't they consistent?). Next time I think we will throw this baby in the stir fry rather than on top.

On to Training: In the past week I have...

Thursday - 4.3 miles
Friday - rest
Saturday - rest
Sunday - 7.5 miles
Monday - BodyPump
Tuesday - Yoga and 4.3 miles
Wednesday - BodyPump

My new training schedule is working out GREAT, even if I am not following it to the T. I have felt less restless when running. I attribute my well rested feeling to cutting back the number of times I run a week. I used to run 4 weekdays and one weekend day a week. Yes, that equals 5 days of running. Granted, my runs were shorter, but often, almost too often, my legs just felt tired. Now, I run outside about 3 days and week and work in the elliptical once a week.

My cut back in running frequency has also helped my IT Band. My poor foam roller feels a little abandoned. I still use my foam roller, just not as often.

I have added in BodyPump (which I love) and cut back on Yoga. This is probably my only regret. I love Yoga and I loved going twice a week. But, I know I should lift weights twice a week to see improvement. Therefore, my Monday evening Yoga class has been pushed aside for BodyPump. I have planned to attend other classes, but the times are just not convenient, so instead I try to incorporate some Yoga into my life at home when I can.

Another workout wish, is I would love to incorporate cycle into my life one morning a week. I know the instructor, I enjoy her Yoga class, but 6:15 a.m. Friday is just soo hard. Maybe, depending on how much snow we get, I will be there on Friday.

This weekend, Jay and I have a 9 mile run planned!! So excited for the run and to be prepared for a race!

Have you ever cooked Tofu? How did it go?

I think for my first try, it went very very well!

What is your favorite Tofu recipe? Please include a link so I can try it!!!