Thursday, October 28, 2010

What? More ATM

This post should be called "Pre-race fuel and Post-race recovery."

Two weekends ago (as in 10/15), when I went out with the girls in Old Town I learned a very important thing... I learned what makes up a great post long race meal.

We started with Costco Pizza (amazing) at Courtney's and then headed into Old Town for a few drinks. I purposely drove since I knew I wanted to get up early the next morning and get one more long run in before our 10 miler. As the driver, I had my usual beer, a Blue Moon, and an extra slice of pizza on the way home. The next morning, I felt GREAT and easily ran 7.5 miles. I could have honestly ran a half marathon. I felt so energized I did not want to stop running, but I also knew I did not want to over do it right before the 10 miler.

The next weekend, in preparation for the 10 miler I decided to repeat my meal choice. I made Jay and I my vegetarian pasta and accompanied it with a Blue Moon beer.

With lots of Parmesan cheese on top, of course!

This meal (I believe I had 2 helpings) provided me with the perfect amount of fuel for an unbelievable race. Official Time: 1:35:54

One of the few things that upset me about this race is that Jay got all the great photos. And, what makes it worse is that we ran next to each other the entire way!

Notice my arm, black running shorts, and Gamecocks shirt behind the runner in the blue.

Wait, there I am... sort of...

Again, my hand makes a nice appearance on the right.

Yup, there I am.... looking in pain :(

Here we come!A little bit closer now!

Well, at least I got a great picture at the Warrior Dash!

We can't find a picture of Jay jumping over the fire. Now that he has great 10 miler photos I don't feel as bad. ;)

As I mentioned in my Army Ten Miler post earlier this week, my knee started to hurt during the race. After a little bit of internet research, I believe it to be ITBS or IT Band Syndrome. Remember when my hip was hurting? Well, the symptoms I was feeling then are also common with ITBS.

Now, all I need is to go see a Physical Therapist. Good thing my friend sent me an e-mail about free Specialized Yoga classes in DC. After exploring their Web site, I was very excited to see that they do Post-Race Injury Clinics. I promptly e-mailed and have an appointment for tomorrow! I will let y'all know how it goes. But for more info, check out the Sports & Spinal Physical Therapy Web site.

What race injury's have you endured?

Are you running the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend?
I am not, but if you are, and you hurt yourself, you should consider checking out the Sports & Spinal Physical Therapy Injury Clinic on Monday!