Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Confessions and/or Obsessions

1. Last week was a long week, so Sunday I relaxed and spent the entire day watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix. I may have watched the entire first season that day and am happily working on season 2.


2. Because of my recent love for Dawson and friends, I have not watched the Olympics as much as I wish. Tonight I plan to hunker down and enjoy the Women's Gymnastics Team competition and join in on the FitBlog Chat.


3. While I am very excited that my gym is done its year plus long renovations, I am bumbed that my favorite classes now overlap. There is no way I would miss my two favorite morning classes (HIT and BodyPump). Now I just have to find a new way to work cycle back into my life.

4. I learned a valuable lesson about fueling Monday. Sunday, I relaxed, I did nothing. As a result I didn't eat as large of a dinner as normal. Monday morning, my body could tell. Half way through my favorite group fitness class I got really light headed and had to sit a tabata out. It was slightly embarrassing, but my instructor was great about it and completely understood when I headed out early. Lesson learned, fueling properly for a workout is just as important as the workout itself!

5. I have mentioned this before, but Jay really wants to do the Disney Coast to Coast Challenge. We are really lucky because one of my best friends lives in Orlando. Last year we were blessed with the opportunity to run the Disney Wine & Dine Half and visit Charlotte. As we are starting to think about our next running adventure and trip to Orlando, it seems to only make sense to run the Disney Marathon.

We have the exact number of weeks to train between our honeymoon and the race. The race is on Jay's birthday. The race puts us closer to the Coast to Coast Challenge. AND most importantly, we get to see Charlotte.

The jury is still out. I loved our Disney Race experience last year. It truly was worth every penny. Jay and I are continuing to sleep on it and hope to make a final decision before we leave on our trip.

What confessions or obsessions have you had lately?

What experience have you had when you did not properly fuel for a workout?

And have you run the WDW Marathon? Would you recommend that we run it?