Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Wedding Bands

Jay and I purchased our weddings bands at King's Jewelry in December. Our wedding band decision was very spontaneous. We purchased them because we had a coupon. Yup, I said it, we were looking for a deal, found one and jumped on it.

King's Jewelry mailed us a coupon for $100 off any purchase during the month of December for the Holidays. I was put on their mailing list after getting my ring appraised there last April. Long story short, besides possibly getting your ring re sized, you should get it appraised and then added to your insurance policy.

Prior to buying the rings, I did a little research. One day during my lunch break I walked down to the jewelry store and talked to one of the jewelers. Sadly, I forget her name, but she was great. She really took the time to find out what I wanted and my lifestyle to see which type of ring would be best for me. Plus I confirmed I could use the coupon to buy wedding bands.

I knew from the start I did not want a curved ring because I (confession) take off my ring a lot. For example, the first thing I do when I get home is take off my engagement ring and put it in its nice little box. I really wanted a simple band that I would feel comfortable wearing to workout, cook and clean while wearing.

Hearing all this the sales lady first had me try on one curved ring and one ring with diamonds to confirm I did not want them. She said its great to hear that I am shopping knowing what I want, but it is always a good idea to try it on, just in case.

After I tried them on and decided I still did not want them she pulled out all of their simple gold bands and we went from there. At one point I thought I wanted a yellow gold band, but decided that I did not like how it looked (my engagement ring is white gold). I tried on plain rings, rings with a little detail and even ring that were twisted like the one below. I always came back to a simple thin band that was the same width as the back of my engagement ring.

I thanked the sales lady and Jay and I made a ring buying date for that Friday.

I am so glad I went and did a little research prior to us buying our rings because when I took Jay our sales associate was not as good. The man we got was very stuck in his ways. I retried on rings, but he did not listen to a word I said. He kept pushing me toward a ring with diamonds or a curved one. Basically, he was more concerned with up selling me. I did not let him though and purchased the ring I liked during my previous visit.

The sales associate was great with Jay. Looking back on it, it was probably because Jay's ring was almost four times more expensive than mine. Jay and I decided to get him a tungsten ring because he is very hard on jewelry. The great thing about tungsten is it is virtually indestructible. The bad thing is that we could not get it engraved and instead of resizing the ring you have to mail it in for a replacement.

In our minds, the positive of the ring being indestructible out weighed the negative.

Jay ultimately decided on a ring similar to the one above. Since he is in the medical field, it was very important to him to have a ring without grooves. Grooves in jewelry tend to be breading grounds for bacteria (hence why I do not cook with my ring on). He decided to air on the side of caution and get a ring where he would not have to worry about taking it off if working in a hospital.

Overall, we are both very happy with our rings and their price. We were both able to find something we liked without hurting the bank.

What type of ring did you go with? How about your husband/fiance?