Thursday, April 12, 2012

A True Wedding Wednesday!!

Yesterday was in fact a true Wedding Wednesday. Both my mom and I took the day off of work to get a few wedding related tasks done.

The first was to scan in my relatives wedding photos.

greats (640x359)mimi-poppop (515x640)momdad (640x447)

My mom and dad had collected photos from both of my grandparents weddings, a great grandparent and their own. Now I just need to resolve the technical difficulties I am having with the photo of my other set of grandparents and get photos of Jay’s relatives. By far, the easiest photo to get was from my brother, Jim, because I already had a photo CD of his wedding photos :). Hopefully, when it is all said and done I’ll have a beautiful display like the one below.


After we were all technical, my mom and I headed to the mall to pick-up her Mother of the Bride dress, buy me a dress for a shower and get my make-up done.

Back in January, my mom came to visit and we went dress shopping for her. My mom’s main Mother of the Bride dress goal was to get something that did not scream Mother of the Bride. I think we did a great job. She got the beautiful dress below, which goes perfectly with my color scheme.


Last summer, I had a hair and make-up trail with Up Do’s for I Do. I had been advised that I should not skimp on wedding hair. From this advice I decided to gift hair do’s to my girls as part of their gift. One aspect of hair and make-up that was really important to me, was that the company travel to my mom’s house. In order to have Up Do’s for I Do come to me, I had to have a minimum number of girls for each. I did not want to pay for the girls make-up too, so originally my mom was also going to have her make-up done for the wedding. But, after my trial we both decided that I would rather do my own make-up the way I like to do it.

Hence, why we were at the mall on Wednesday. My mom has been going to Janice, aka the same Clinique lady since … well, since I was in utero. Having Janice do my make-up was fun, but I also learned a lot from her on how to do things. Of course I left spending WAY too much money on make-up, but we had a good time and now I feel very prepared to do my own make-up on the wedding day.

elkrdige 2

Once I was all made over, we headed to Elkridge Furnace Inn for our first planning meeting. It was nice to touch base with the wedding coordinator and find out some of the little things, like how many people to a table. Plus, we even found a place to put the family wedding photos :).

We wrapped up the day with my final dress fitting. I just can’t believe we are so close. Only 66 more days of wedding planning craziness!