Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WIAW on Tuesday!!

I headed to Baltimore today to do some wedding related things with my mom tomorrow. As a result today is WIAW!!


IMG_0239 (640x480) 

I started the day with my usual oatmeal and coffee. In the mix was Almond Butter and Unsweetened Coconut. The best part, I actually took a picture of it!!


IMG_0244 (640x640)

For my snacks I had a banana, apple, yogurt with mini chocolate chips, Veggie Flax Chips from Trader Joe's and a small piece of Birthday cake (courtesy of my coworkers).


I had my usual salad. I did soo well taking food pictures until lunch. Oy vay! It's always something right?

After Work Out Snack

Since I had to drive to Baltimore tonight, I decided to have a glass of chocolate milk after cycle (which I forgot to take a picture of).


IMG_0245 (640x480)

I was in Baltimore for dinner, so I had Chinese food from Cafe Zen. It was delicious! and one of the many reasons I love going home.


So what did everyone think?!?! I may have googled Glee when it went on break to make sure Quinn was ok. I am glad she is ok, but I am very curious where they are going to take the plot line. Will she ever walk again?

I am also really looking forward to see all the gleek’s graduate!! Ah, so glad Glee’s back!