Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time Flies

It is amazing how fast time flies when your having fun. I am completely engrossed in the Hunger Game series which has literally sucked up my days. I was in a waiting room on Tuesday and didn’t want it to be my turn because the book is soo good.

Besides being a major book worm, I have also managed to have a bit of fun.


Last night I went over my friend Courtney’s house for dinner and Country Dancing, Wii style. The meal was delicious!!! and I got to take home some leftovers.


I haven’t played with the Wii a lot, so I always forget how active the games are. Playing Country Dance was a lot of fun but also pretty funny. Line dancing is mostly all about feet movement so it was fun to see how the game incorporated your hands (which is where you hold the Wii remote and how you earn points, hence why they added hand movements). I think these images appropriately describe our ridiculousness.

Since I spent last night having fun, tonight I was all about cleaning. I started with the fish tank since Uno passed away. Jay and I think we accidently killed him by giving the fish a Goldfish weekend feeder instead of the normal weekend feeder we us. While it is sad to say good-bye, I felt good about cleaning the tank and giving our remaining fish, BS, a fresh start. And who knows, maybe BS will have a new sister this weekend.


After the tank was clean, I moved on to the entire apartment. The best thing about having a small living space is it takes no time to clean.


And before I knew it, it was time for dinner. Tonight I had some leftover mashed potatoes, baked parmesan tomatoes and black beans.


The baked parmesan tomatoes were a new recipe that Mary posted to our shared Pinterest board from when we lived together. Now that she is gone, I just steal all her recipe ideas ;) I am actually very excited to try one of the recipes she pinned on Friday.

val's invite

Before I leave y’all, and because its Wednesday, I wanted to show you Val’s wedding invitation. You may remember talking about my invitations a few weeks ago. Val ordered hers and showed them to me which completely sold me on the company.

I can not believe how close her wedding is now! Invitations make it so real and make me realize how much wedding planning I have left. Eeks!