Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without the Extra Pounds

We are in full swing with preparing for our move. I am so glad we waited to start packing. Now that I have started, I just can’t stop!


I am just glad that both Jay and I are ok getting rid of things (by either donating or trashing). It feels so nice to clean out before we settle in at our next place.

Since my mind has been elsewhere I threw a couple holiday posts together for y’all. I thought I was so clever with this post, “Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without the Extra Pounds” until I read some of my favorite blogs this morning. FAIL. At least I know that others are thinking about the same things I am. Without further ado, here are my tips to get through the holidays without gaining too much weight.

The holidays are all about family, friends, fun and FOOD. Everyone has so much on their minds and plates this time of year that it may seem impossible to also stay in shape. Here are a little tips and tricks I follow during the holiday season to keep feeling my best.

Walk the Stairs

I actually try to walk the stairs year round at work, but during the holiday's if I have an overindulgent day at work I will walk up the stairs when I get home. You're probably thinking "no big deal", but we live in a high-rise building on a double digit floor. The threat of walking up that many stairs reminds me during the day to limit myself to one or two treats max. This holiday season I have only had to walk the stairs once. I am quite proud of my self control :)


Stick to True Holiday Treats

I love sweets as much as the next girl, but during the holidays I try to limit myself to Holiday Treats. So bring on peppermint anything and leave the oatmeal raisin alone.

Get That Blood Pumping

Regardless of the season, I always try to schedule workouts. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I find it even more important to stick to that schedule. For me, I find I am better about sticking to a workout schedule in the morning rather than the evening. I try to incorporate 4 days of higher intensity training (running, BodyPump, etc.) a week. It is amazing how much a little pumping blood can improve my attitude.


Take Time to Stretch

Along with high intensity training, I try to incorporate at least one day of yoga a week. With everything that goes on during the Holiday Season, it's nice to have 45 minutes to empty my head.

Enjoy the Season

As much as I want to stay fit during the Holiday Season, it also comes only once a year. Don't beat yourself up if you slip up. Everyone should enjoy the Holidays!!


What do you during the Holidays to ward-off the extra pounds?