Monday, December 5, 2011

December Goals

I know I say this every month, but where does the time go? Before we jump into this month’s goals, let recap my November goals.

BodyPump: My goals was to attend 4 classes and increase weights by 2.5 lbs by the end of the year. I successfully attended 4 classes and am well on my way to increasing my BodyPump weight by 2.5 lbs. :)

Yoga: My original goal was to attend 2 classes. This was a complete FAIL. I did not attend a single organized Yoga class this month, but like last month I have been practicing at home. Instead of giving myself something concrete to work for in the yoga category, I am going to keep concentrating on daily practice.

Happy Hour: My November goal was 1 happy hour per week. Looking back, I did not go to a single one. Looks like my bad habit has been extinguished. I would like to become a little more involved in the DC blogging community, but I think that may have to wait until after the Holidays.

Shopping: Finish those Knitting projects. I am so close to completing this goal. Only one Christmas project left!

Running: at least a long run of 6 miles each week. This goal was also not exactly finished. I did go on 2 6 plus mile runs in November. I hope to up the mileage in December.

Races: PR at the Charleston Gobble Wobble. Complete!!! I beat my previous time by 36 seconds. :)

So what about this month?

BodyPump: I have the same goal. Attend 4 classes and increase weights by 2.5 lbs by the end of the year.

Yoga: New Goal! Continue daily yoga practice. More specifically, sit down and practice yoga for at least 10 minutes 20 days this month.

Shopping: Finish that one last holiday Knitting project!!!

Running: My training training for the USA Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon doesn’t start until 2012, therefore I am going to keep the same goal. I would like to go on at least a long run of 6 miles each week (except the week we move).

What are your goals for December?