Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zucchini Pasta

I know you were probably expecting some great wedding post. It is Wedding Wednesday, but I am not feeling 100% so instead you get a recap of last night’s dinner.

Another great find from the blog world. Another recipe successfully moved from Recipes To Make to Recipes I Love on Pinterest. Tonight I present how Jenna’s Zucchini Pasta made it onto my list of favorites.


To start off this recipe is easy and taught me the wonders of Mascarpone Cheese. Who knew that you could add it to hot veggies (or past for that matter) and a little lemon juice to get such an amazing sauce?

This recipe was fast and seamless. I felt like as soon as I was done chopping the sausage the water was boiling and ready for pasta. I did not find myself waiting around the kitchen. That keeps a spastic person like me from getting bored and burning something :).

While we are talking about Jenna, let me tell you how my 21 day Yoga Challenge is going. Well, its simply just going. I have made a conscious effort to practice at least 5 minutes of yoga and made it to 2 yoga classes :) Overall, a big improvement from the past few months (which makes me very happy). New yoga instructors are a real plus.

I am off to relax, watch some Glee, drink an Airborne and hope that this is just a 24 hours thing.