Thursday, August 11, 2011

Something Borrowed and Something Blue

Something Borrowed and Something Blue, a tradition for many brides and also two excellent books I plan to review soon.

But today isn’t about two fantastic beach reads, today is about my wedding. Yesterday since I was feeling a little off I deprived y’all of my usual wedding post. Don’t fret because tonight I have something borrowed and something blue for you.


I think I hurt my Mom’s feelings by not instinctually wanting to wear her pearls and pearl drop earrings at my wedding. The more I think about it, the more I am buying (err borrowing) into the idea. I also love the idea of carrying (or pinning) a handkerchief into my dress. When we cleaned my grandparents garage out recently and found a box of handkerchiefs embroidered with the first letter of my last name. I think this would be a great way to incorporate my grandparents since Jay and I are getting married on their wedding anniversary.


As I have mentioned a few times before, my main wedding color is blue. I love the trend to incorporate the color your maids are wearing with your shoes. Thankfully one of my maids has a knack for creative fashion and can help me create the beautiful shoes below. Added bonus, the shoes are white satisfying my Mom’s want for me to wear white shoes (I don’t think she gets the current trend). And since blue is traditionally included in the brides wedding garb, I may take it one step further.


Well Mom, you are really in for a treat when I open your eyes to this next trend, colored crinoline. I saw this for the first time at a bar in Columbia, SC on graduation weekend. The bride (who was at a bar after her wedding) was wearing bright red crinoline. I was not impressed. I almost thought it looked trashy. Then I came across a few more tasteful pictures.


The subtle pink in this picture looks classy and a little unique. After a little research and hopefully with Mom’s permission I am going to dye my crinoline light blue. Ok readers, be honest, 

How do you feel about colored crinoline?


How did you incorporate color into your look?


And what were your something borrowed and something blue?

*** Click on the picture to see where it originally came from. Only the picture of my grandparents handkerchief is my own.