Friday, August 26, 2011

Rocky-ing Sunday at HLS

Wow, sorry it took me so long to post all my HLS recaps. What can I say, I can be a slacker!

Sunday morning, my roommates and I joined the HLS group for a 5k fun walk of Philly. I was very excited for the fun walk since Meghann had told us we would be going by City Hall, the Love Statue and the Rocky Steps.


I was very excited for this event because climbing up the steps like Rocky has been on my Bucket list forever. The morning was a bit muggy, but nothing a Baltimore girl couldn’t handle. It was fun to end the Summit with a healthy networking event. Due to the ebb and flow of walking, I got the opportunity to talk to a variety of bloggers including Meghann herself.


Now of course the highlight was running up the Rocky Steps. It was fun to finally do it and with so many people! (Jeans were a bad idea).


After our walking tour of the city, we arrived back to the hotel famished. I thoroughly enjoyed the Oatmeal Bar and the toppings. I went with my classic Flax Meal, Chocolate Chip, Nut Butter combo. It was fun to use almond butter rather than my normal peanut butter.


Since Theresa and I planned to leave on the 1:30 train, after breakfast we bid our roommates farewell and headed over to the Reading Terminal Market. Both of our interest was intrigued Friday at the cocktail party. We knew we had to explore it while it was open.


It was fun to see the market in action and pick up a few treats (like dried Cilantro!) before heading home.