Monday, July 18, 2011

Fencing 15 Miles

Sunday morning, Jay and I went out on a 15 mile run. This run was on new territory (for us), through Arlington County on Four Mile Run Trail, Custis Trail and the Mt. Vernon Trail.


While it was very nice to run in a more woodsy environment, I missed the chaos of our city runs. Though honestly there is never a dull moment when Jay is around… Jay was having a great time saying hello to every person who passed us on the trails. At one point, I guess he got over zealous because he tumbled into a fence.


I immediately knew he was just fine. After I helped him un-lodge his arm from the fence he smiled and said let’s keep going. I was convinced that we would have to metro home or stop at the Walgreens for some bandages, but Jay insisted we continue. As much as I resisted, I was glad to see him back running especially after last weekend, when he had to stop after 8 miles. Now Jay will have to carry first aid kits on his runs.

We also tried Gu this week. Jay loved it. I think he loved the caffeine more than the actual GU… since he practically sprinted off after consuming it. I am glad he found a refuel method that he likes. Meanwhile, I did not like the Gu. Next week I am going back to my beloved Shot Bloks. They just did it for me. And yes, I did try the Chocolate Mint and Vanilla Bean Gu, both of them made me want to Vom. To each their own.

Meanwhile my toes have become rungly (running-ugly) thanks to some lovely over-use wounds. I had these lovely calluses growing on the tips of my second toes. They were protecting me until this whole marathon training thing happened and suddenly they became blisters.


Now I am nursing them back to health. Le-sigh… hopefully I’ll keep my toe-nails.  With that delicious thought now firmly stuck in your head, I’m off to eat some home-made sausage/mushroom pizza.

Have you ever gotten injured on a run?