Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Muir Woods

It was just one of those evenings where I got little done. I definitely still feel the Jet Lag. Staying up way too late and getting up on East Coast time is killing me!!!

When it come to Jet Lag, easy dinners are key. Thankfully, we still had a frozen turkey burger left in the freezer. I put that sucker into the fridge overnight to defrost and broke it into two patties for Jay and I. Simple, nutritious dinner in only a few minutes!

As promised yesterday, tonight I will tell you about our visit to Muir Woods, which was by far my favorite part of the trip.


The park was so peaceful and beautiful even though it was full of school children. I think the main reason I fell in love with this National Monument is because of it beautiful scenes. From the little three leaf clovers


to the ginormous Red Wood Trees. There was no way to capture how freaking huge these tree are!!!


And, like us humans, they like to live in Family Circles!! Ok, well they really grow in family circles, which is when young trees grow from the roots of the parent or middle tree. The young tree gets nutrients from the parent tree, so that when the older plant dies, the younger ones can still grow and thrive off of one another. How cool?!?!


The main path through the Monument tends to get a little crowded, so I would recommend taking one of the hikes through Muir Woods and into Mount Tamalpais State Park.


It is very peaceful and great exercise while on vacation. If you decide to take a hike off the main trail, make sure you come prepared with the Nature Map that they sell at the Ranger Station for $1. We bought the History Map, which was interesting on the main trail, but did not provide us with enough information on our hike and finding our way back. Thankfully the hikes are peaceful but not secluded. A few friendly tourists helped to point us back in the right direction!


Not too much to say tonight except to encourage you to visit Muir Woods! It is definitely worth the 20 minute drive outside of San Francisco and can easily be explored in one afternoon.

Have you been to Muir Woods? What did you think?

and since I forgot yesterday…

Have you been to San Francisco? What did you think?